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November 14, 2012

How I Accidentally Built A SuperSite

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Written by: Harlan Kilstein
raining money

This is how I took a topic and a niche – way larger than intended – and turned it into a SuperSite.

You’ll see my inspiration and how I chose my topic.

I’ll walk you through my successes and the single lesson I wish I had learned much earlier.

The site is making decent money now but I know if can make much more.

I’m doing two webinars this Thursday. Please select one to register.

Thursday, November 15 at 3 PM Eastern: Register Here

Thursday, November 15 at 8 PM Eastern: Register Here


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  1. Richard

    Tell me more, thanks

  2. I want to be kept updated!

  3. frankolszowy

    excellent work as always just cant belive your stuff amazing all the time look at mine it might need some help

  4. Nice video Harlan I will be apart of the webinar this Thursday.

  5. Harlan,
    As a multiple-time client of yours, I am most intrigued!

    You have me piqued, Good Sir! :)

    I have an idea of what these “super-sites” are,..and am curious to see if what I envision, matches what you’ll reveal to us lucky folk on the webinar!…..And how we can integrate that awesome buzz-worthy term into our own sites (i.e. BlogCuration and ClickPostCash sites).

    A.D. of
    in Katy, TX

  6. I have already blocked that time slot on my schedule! Thanks Harlan! What a way to empower the average joe and joanna!

  7. Joy

    Please add me to the list to get the replay of the webinar. Thanks.

  8. Laurie

    Thanks Harlan, will catch the replay if unable to watch, your ideas are so well presented, I hope my sites can still progress despite the setbacks of the past year!

  9. Misty

    Please add me to the list to get replay of the webinar. Thanks.

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