Learn The SuperSite Formula – Live and FREE November 6,7,8


Definition: Mafia Offer: An offer you cannot refuse.

Word of my offer to teach the SuperSite Formula Live for free has spread like wildfire.

And let me assure you that it’s 100% real.

There are no gimmicks.

There are no catches.

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Dr. Harlan Kilstein and I’ve created the largest dog news site in the world. It’s worth over 7 figures. And I’ve helped many others create their sites.

Now, I’d like to help you. FOR FREE.

 This isn’t going to be a pitch-fest.

I hate those and I would never subject anyone to that.

So what motivated me to take a seminar I was planning on charging $5000 for and giving it away.

 So here’s the truth:

I’m a sucker for helping people. It’s my nature.

A good friend booked a conference at a hotel and was beginning to doubt she was going to fill the rooms.

She was looking at a debt to the hotel of close to $80,000.  No joke.  I read the contract.

So I racked my brains and came up with the best way I knew to help fill those rooms.

 Give away my best stuff.

Now I’m going to update the SuperSiteFormula to 2015.

I’m going to show you EVERYTHING.

We reach 6 Million Fans Weekly

Like how the CatingtonPost has around 150,000 fans on Facebook but a reach of 6 million.

I’ll show you how the DogingtonPost ranks on the first page of Google for nearly every keyword we want without any SEO.

 I will reveal our traffic sources.

I’ll reveal how to ethically cheat on traffic.

And so much more.

You’ll see tons of examples of SuperSites – even Supersites that changed direction mid-course.

 Not Just Talk – Action Too!

This weekend is not only will be TALK about SuperSites, we’ll take time out to build them. Create our first posts for them.

 And I will work with everyone in the room.

PLUS: special guest stars.  I’m putting together a list of absolute all star players who will come in a share their best stuff.

No pitching.

Just incredible content.

 Learn every element of the SuperSite Formula including:

  •  All New Niche Selection Techniques (Including Niches I Said Not To Go In)
  • Sources Of Great Content
  • Building Your Supersite And Your Team
  • Building Your Facebook Page
  • Getting Great Engagement On Facebook
  • Server Melting Traffic Strategies
  • Making Money With Your Supersite (All New Strategies)
  • Getting Attention In The Industry
  • SIX Revenue Profit Models
  • The Tom Sawyer Model And What To Be Cautious Of
  • Showing The Flag and Becoming The Market Leader
  • Twitter And Lethal Linkedin
  • People Wanting To Give You Money
  • Dominating the Niche

You can see, I’m not holding anything back.

 So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

 I ask just one thing of you.

You help me by staying at the hotel where the event is held.

It’s a gorgeous hotel and no, they aren’t charging some crazy price.


By doing this, you enable me to help my friend.


Yes, I could have charged $5000 and it would still be a bargain.  To get a massive brain dump like this in the course of the weekend.

But I’d rather just help a friend.

 The Dates of the Seminar are Friday November 6 through Sunday November 8. You’ll want to stay the night before because we’re starting early in the morning.

I can promise you the best seminar of your life.

To join me I need you to do two things.

 Number One: Join us at the hotel for 3 nights.

Thursday Nov 5th, Friday Nov 6th and Saturday Nov 7th.

Make a reservation at the official hotel: https://supersiteformula.com/hotel
Now the Hotel isn’t all that tech savvy and they ask for a code: it is INSPIR110615


Number Two:

Fill out the reservation form here: https://supersiteformula.com/live

 There are no secret charges up my sleeve.

No tricks. Only treats. (Hey, it’s after Halloween. I’m allowed a bad joke).

That’s my Mafia offer.

 Live in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area?

Shoot me an email to tactic7@gmail.com and I’ll figure something out.

My two goals: help you build a supersite and help a friend.

harlankilstien 600px    I’m grateful for your support.

With gratitude,


P.S. Don’t be fooled by the price. This FREE seminar is really worth $5000.

P.P.S. The first 50 to sign up get the recordings FREE. Yes, I am insane.


Here’s a mindmap of the Supersite Formula