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March 14, 2013

Harlan Kilstein Interviews Robin Good

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Written by: Harlan Kilstein
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Robin Good - Master Curator
Robin Good - Master Curator

Robin Good – Master Curator

Robin Good is one of the most respected figures in the world of curation. He is on the crest of the wave looking in to the future.

Robin out did himself in this interview. There’s a lot to learn here!

You can follow Robin Good here:


  1. If only more IM gurus were Italian! Love Robin, he is so animated and passionate. Look forward to his international debut.

  2. This was a fantastic interview. Extremely informative and I really enjoyed it. I get so tired of the deluge of “special” offers from the “gurus”. I have unsubscribed to all of those except you Harlan. You do send out the sales pitch for this and that but you also keep me informed of important changes and new information like the Google big brother algorithm updates. This interview with Robin Good invigorated me and reinforced my decision to follow you. Thank you for providing the value that you do.

  3. Excellent interview, lots of content – love the area he expanded upon for proper technique and focus for a curated site. Well worth taking the time to listen to this one all the way through.

  4. Harlan,
    This interview was a total coup! Magnifico!
    Robin Good and Harlan Kilstein – talk about a curation synergy!
    I think we should sign a petition for POP to come to the USA – offered through Harlan, of course :-)
    Thanks again, Harlan.
    All quality, all the time.

  5. Great interview! Lots of good tidbits in there. I like how he stresses quality, and adding value to what is curated. Thanks! :-)

  6. I love it its clear and to the point and yes its important to note is not all about quantity but quality ,many of us will get caught in the game of getting traffic so as to improve web presence and forget about providing real value.

  7. Another great interview Harlan!

    Robin gives great resources and l love the way he expresses himself. You can feel his honesty and dedication to his work.

    Thank you for sharing such great information with us Harlan!

  8. Dave Keays

    The more I hear from here, the more I realize I’ve been trying to curate for years. I’ve got several blogs on technical issues that need to be monetized, in the back of my head is a content collection site for the Colorado Desert in southern California. (As blan and boring as it sounds to you, the people involved are very passionate about their love for the desert).

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