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March 5, 2013

Social Media Rockstar Sarah Tuttle-Singer

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Written by: Harlan Kilstein
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Sarah Tuttle-Singer Interview
Sarah Tuttle-Singer Interview

Sarah Tuttle-Singer Interview

The article “The Rabbi and The Vibrator” caught my eye. I think it was the first time in all of recorded history the words “rabbi” and “vibrator” have been used in the same sentence. The article was personal, deep, and funny.

It also attracted a huge amount of attention. It was recommended on Facebook 915 times. Now figure the number of people who read that was many many times that number but did not want to like it because of the title. The article also got the attention of the editors at the Times of Israel and they hired Sarah as their social media director.

In the course of the year, the Times of Israel has come to dominate social media in Israel. In one year, they eclipsed, surpassed, and frankly – beat the pants off the older Jerusalem Post. I’ve been watching Sarah’s work online for a while and fortunately, she agreed to this interview.

In our talk Sarah discusses what makes a site great. Hint, it’s about the content.

It’s also about the edginess of the content. Imagine if Sarah’s article was called, “An Embarrassing Discovery”. Not quite the same.

Sarah talks about the other blog she was associated with Kveller. Note how that blog is really written for a highly defined audience. It’s not for everyone.

Sarah is passionate about her writings and you can find her works on The Huffington Post and Jezebel as well.

According to Sarah, one of the keys to launching a “supersite” is getting a great team of writers and mastering social media. To attract a writer of Sarah’s calibre means your site isn’t starting from scratch or she probably wouldn’t give it a lot of attention. She cares about how her name is presented and would be highly selective about who she works with.

Sarah is on the cutting edge of using social media to promote a news site.

In this interview a true Social Media rockstar reveals how a super site works behind the scenes.

Make sure to have a notepad handy while you watch.

Share your take aways in the comments area below. It’s the best way of helping you integrate the material.

Thanks again Sarah.


  1. Wow.
    Sarah had some really, REALLY valuable points.
    – advocacy, and “stand with us”
    – addressing controversial and engaging ideas, anti-semetism, settlements…
    — addressing big stories of the day — eg Syria, rockets…
    — how your Facebook “personality” is important, and different

    Loved this interview,
    looking for many more from you here at SuperSiteFormula.com


  2. What a great interview.

    It’s fascinating to watch the power of user generated content and the emergence of high authority sites. I am a long devotee of “Net Gain.” Hagel and Armstrong got it right about virtual community in the late 90s.

    We’ve come a long way, Baby!

  3. Great info! Thank you Harlan and Sarah for providing your services as our “social media/supersite optometrist(s)”! I will keep this video near by as an additional guide, while I continue to build my site(s).

  4. A thoroughly engaging and intriguing interview.
    Doesn’t Sarah have a great story ?
    Like many such stories it demonstrates that success works in wonderful ways.
    It must have been (and still remains) an amazing journey meeting virtual colleagues sharing common beliefs and enjoying the buzz that comes from working wirth a great team.

    Thanks Harlan and Sarah for sharing this insight in to your world.

  5. Vicki Starfire

    This was a very timely interview for me as I’m presently taking an intensive Twitter workshop from Tina and Trish (Bold Angels Enterprises). I’ve bookmarked this website so I can easily come back as I know the interesting posts will change. Like the video interview on the home page.

  6. Bob Morrow

    Powerful interview! Impressive that she mirrored what you have been saying about “content/content/content” and social media. Thanks. Bob

  7. Ellen

    Very thought provoking interview. I love the comments about developing a powerful team, needing lots of GREAT content (not just content), twitter audience vs. facebook audience, and the value of being really edgy. I’d like to know more, though, about what constitutes great content. What is it that makes it “great”? I suppose that will be different with each audience/niche, but it’s something I would like to wrap my mind around. Much to ponder…

    My mantra has changed a bit. It’s no longer just “content, content, content.” Now it’s “great content, edgy content, gutsy content.”

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