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The Death of SEO

Matt Cutts talks about Links Vs Social Signals. If you don’t know who Matt is, he is the head of the Web Spam team at Google. Translation: he’s one important dude.  
by Harlan Kilstein


Negative SEO?

A lot of people talk about negative SEO. That’s where people use black hat techniques – not to improve their own site – but to penalize yours. Here’s Google’s Matt Cutts discussing it.  
by Harlan Kilstein


raining money

How I Accidentally Built A SuperSite

This is how I took a topic and a niche – way larger than intended – and turned it into a SuperSite. You’ll see my inspiration and how I chose my topic. I’ll walk you through my successes and the single l...
by Harlan Kilstein

Robin Good - Master Curator

Harlan Kilstein Interviews Robin Good

Robin Good is one of the most respected figures in the world of curation. He is on the crest of the wave looking in to the future. Robin out did himself in this interview. There’s a lot to learn here! You can follow Robin...
by Harlan Kilstein



Why SEO Doesn’t Work

When everyone is doing “SEO” – what does that mean to the average guy? Here the heads of both Bing and Google discuss the problem of dealing in a niche when the “big boys” are already optimizing th...
by Harlan Kilstein