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March 14, 2013

Trust Agents: Harlan Kilstein Interviews Chris Brogan

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Written by: Harlan Kilstein
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Chris Brogan
Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan

Harlan Kilstein Interviews Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a New York Times Best-Selling Author. He is an expert on building trust online. He agreed to allow me to interview him about what about websites conveys trust. Grab a pad and paper and start to take notes. Trust me – this is worth it.

Everything Chris has written is worth reading. Here are some books to get started:

One Comment

  1. Harlan your opening the webinar with a picture and reference to Walter Cronkite was inspired.

    Having grown up in apartheid South Africa we did not get TV until 1975, For about 15 years it was used as the states propaganda machine.

    |It was only when you spoke about WC as a Trust Agent that the full impact of the role he played in the lives of Americans dawned on me.

    We learned of the death of Kennedy over the radio. Then we saw news print articles. On the following weekend we saw the first footage in a news movie reel at the cinema. Next came the powerful images in Life Magazine conveying the grief of a nation and the world.

    The picture of the plump faced negro Sargent with the tear running down his check said it all. It is deeply etched in my mind till today.

    What all this coverage did not convey was the was the fear, uncertainty, foreboding and darkness that confronted the US nation.

    What an insight for me to see how Walter Cronkite played the role of a sheet anchor for the nation in this time of grief and darkness.

    I learned to know about him as a great man of the media. Now I comprehend the basis for the greatness. He is truly the perfect benchmark of a Trust Agent.

    Thanks Harlan.

    PS The “Test Drive” was a perfect fit for my CPC site.

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