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What Makes a SuperSite

Below is a mind map showing the components that go into the creation of a SuperSite. You must choose the right subject. Set the tone to match your market. Structure the site to maintain traffic flow. Develop revenue models̷...
by Harlan Kilstein


Google Explains What Makes A Good Site

Why listen to people who have their heads up their posterior? Google’s Matt Cutts gives some simple suggestions. The most important: Give people a reason to link to your site!    
by Harlan Kilstein



Negative SEO?

A lot of people talk about negative SEO. That’s where people use black hat techniques – not to improve their own site – but to penalize yours. Here’s Google’s Matt Cutts discussing it.  
by Harlan Kilstein

Sarah Tuttle-Singer Interview

Social Media Rockstar Sarah Tuttle-Singer

The article “The Rabbi and The Vibrator” caught my eye. I think it was the first time in all of recorded history the words “rabbi” and “vibrator” have been used in the same sentence. The arti...
by Harlan Kilstein


sexy love

How Vaginas Made This Man Rich

I’ll never be able to use that as a subject line. But I assure you, the title is true. In this video, I’ll reveal to you how a Buddhist built a site about yoga, meditation… (and vaginas).
by Harlan Kilstein